Rafting Assessment

It’s time to prove what you know and show how you perform in an adventure guide role. Most assessments are fun. The Assessor is not out to catch you but wants to let you do your thing and enjoy it. You must, of course, know your stuff.


The Assessment is for the certificate in personal rafting competence. This is a requirement for the GASG qualification. The technical certificate, along with Wilderness First Aid Level 3 and a Logbook  (minimum 21 days on river trips) make up the three basic requirements in order to enter GASG. The technical certificate on its own is not a certificate to guide. But it does allow you to work as an assistant to a qualified leader and so get experience, building up your logbook.


You may need to renew an existing certificate. If you are feeling rusty, contact us to arrange a refresher.


There is a fee for newcomers doing assessment for the first time, and a lower fee for those renewing or repeating. Renewal is required after 5 years IF you have been inactive in the field for any length of time. Repeating is when you were judged not yet competent in a previous assessment. Ask about current fees.


Study the River Guide Observation Checklist (RGOC) to see what you need to know and demonstrate. Get a copy of the dummy written test. Bring a notebook & pen. We place all assessment materials on DropBox for you to access free and print. Only the Book is charged for.
EQUIPMENT – you must be fully equipped with the personal gear listed in the RGOC. Candidates on the same assessment may not borrow from others. Gear must be clean and you must be able to show its use. We do not hire out kit.
THE PROCESS – Tests over one or two days depending on the level of your scoping (basic/intermediate/advanced).
FOLLOW UP – You may appeal any decision. All correspondence is conducted by email. Certificates are sent by email.
ADVENTURE TOUR GUIDING – Leaders must go forward to complete the Generic Adventure Site Guide qualification. This covers tourism skills of planning, conducting, managing safety & environment, and camping. It involves a lot of paperwork, an online test, and a tourism assessment.


No certificates issued without these items.
LOGBOOK – for entry level, 21 days on organised trips. For more advanced, 40 occasions on organised trips on different rivers at different levels of difficulty
FIRST AID LEVEL 3 valid for at least one full year.
CASUALTY EVACUATION certificate or proof of training
EMAIL ADDRESS – must have a personal one.
HOME ADDRESS – Residential address
CELLPHONE NUMBER – must have a personal one.
CV – Birth, education, employment, memberships, references. VERIFIED HIGHEST EDUCATION– that is School, matric, or
tertiary. You may include other diplomas.

River Proficiency Course Briefing