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Young adventurers on a youth camp learn the right way to run a camp. Hygiene, safety, waste disposal, fire, noise and appreciation of nature all come into it.

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Attend one of our exciting multi-activity camps for youth and young adults. The events are fun and don’t require you to be rough and tough. It’s all about experience in the outdoors.

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What to Expect

Thinking of a career in the outdoors? are you interested in adventure? Want to learn how to qualify in adventure skills and find work? The adventure tourism sector is booming in South Africa with rafting, hiking, abseiling, cycling and many more options.

This 3,5day residential course introduces young career-seekers to the job options and gives practical experience in organising and taking part in adventure activities. It combines teaching and doing, lessons and outdoor challenges. Instruction and support are given to ensure no one is left behind. Days include rafting, hiking, canoeing, cycling, ropework and safety on trails. Participants camp and learn catering as part of the course.

The event is for males and females 14-22. No experience is required. Fees cover meals, campsite, training notes, use of equipment, instruction and personal evaluation. Course members receive a Certificate of Completion and advice and help on finding work experience. The requirements for legal registration as tour guides are explained.


A full briefing is sent when you book. It covers what to bring, what to wear day or night, how to prepare and what costs there are. Catering is a shared cost, and as part of training everyone is involved in planning menus, cooking and cleaning up. Participants are camping, so will need tents and groundmats, which are for hire. They need their own sleepingbags or blankets.

Fees are sent on inquiry via the panel below. If more than one participant (such as family members) there is a discount. Parents may accompany the youngsters: ask about accommodation in the panel below. A certificate of attendance is given to those who complete the course.

No-one is put under pressure to take risks or match the behaviour of others. We are trainers interested in getting young people to enjoy adventure and respect the outdoors as well as each other! The course focuses on new experiences, problem solving, team co-operation and fun!

Course convenor is Prof Graeme Addison, Director of Adventure Standards Africa and an Assessor for the legal adventure tour guiding qualification in SA. Skilled working trail leaders provide instruction.

For more information contact AsAfrica at
WhatsApp 084 245 2490

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